ZUTjean chore cap in vintage French cotton fabric from the 1950’s


jean moleskin frontishTraditional French work cap in vintage cotton moleskin fabric


ZUTjean hybrid newsboy cap with square peak


JeanZaza pinstripe ZUtlessNew style combination of newsboy crown and square peak by ZUTusine.com

This womens handmade work cap is a custom hybrid combining the roomier 
ZUTjean crown style with the very bold ZUTzaza square brim. Made of my 
rare and beautiful, 40s vintage French pinstripe suiting. Suitable for men 
and women alike this chore cap is fully lined with grey cotton chambray 
and works well as a sun hat and is indispensable in all weathers. 
Choose whether you want a ZUT silk logo label on the outside of the hat or 
not. Available in 3 sizes.