Here at the Usine we’ve been busy designing and prototyping new ZUT products for 6 weeks now.  I have perfected my range of ‘cloche’ rain hats and bags, and David has turned and constructed wooden Christmas trees (made of Christmas trees of course!) as well as developing a range of hat stands and rubber topped tables.  We have 2 craft fairs coming up in France this spring where we aim to gather as much feedback as we can to help inform our future product decisions. I am particularly excited about a new fabric supplier who supplies beautiful, shower-proof gaberdine from an Italian mill.  Ask any fashion designer what excites and inspires them most and they’ll say ‘it all starts with the fabric’.   I couldn’t agree more and am looking forward to producing ‘1920’s style’ rain-proof bags and ponchos, to coördinate with my rain hats. Photos of our new products will be posted very soon.  In the meantime you can check our current stock on ETSY.