ZUTjean newsboy cap in vintage French cotton moleskin fabric from the 1950s


jean-moleskin-marieZUTjean contemporary newsboy in vintage French 1950s workwear cotton moleskin fabric

Workwear newsboy cap in the traditional ZUTjean style, suitable for men or women, made of gorgeous French vintage moleskin indigo workwear fabric bought from the unused vintage stocks of the closed ‘Blanchard’ factory in the Ardeche. If this wasn’t enough it is fully lined with vintage washed indigo cotton from the same source and finished with my red rayon label and vintage black French ribbon binding. This is a really special hat! It’s understated style looks perfect with a French chore jacket or workwear apron dress . Perfect for tucking in long hair. Please use the zoom feature to see the quality of the fabric up close. The crown seams are top stitched for structure and shape and the peak is sewn through multiple times. Cool and casual elegance for 2016. Available with or without logo tag in 3 sizes.


ZUTirina swirl newsboy in Hugo Boss Italian gaberdine


irina-gab-sideishZUTirina swirl newsboy by zutusine.com

Mid season newsboy cap, suitable for men or women, made of gorgeous designer Italian black gaberdine and lined with grey chambray. This ZUTirina newsboy cap has a good round shape thanks to its’ 8 piece construction a rounder brim and more volume than my ZUTjean style making it good for tucking in long hair. The most striking feature is the swirled crown pattern, please use the zoom feature to get a better look. Cosy and stylish, the perfect thing for travelling or to keep in your bag- just in case. The crown seams are top stitched for structure and shape and the peak is sewn through multiple times in the same way. Perfect with Jeans or an overcoat. Available with or without logo tag in 3 sizes.

ZUTmanon Indigo felt asymmetric cloche

manon blue felt front*
New wool felt asymmetric cloche by ZUTusine
Beautiful, indigo 1920s inspired cloche made of pure wool felted fabric. 
Made in the popular asymmetric ZUTmanon style that features a deep crown 
and low brim that can be flipped up for a 1920s look or left down to shield your face in windy weather. The crown is top stitched for good structure and the brim sewn through, allowing it to be flipped up easily. Please use the zoom feature on your computer to check the detailing.
The hat is fully lined with a fine grey French chambray. Light and easy 
to wear this is the perfect accessory for cooler weather

ZUTmanon tweed cloche

manon front top Paola

Woolen tweed cloche hat made of a grey, French, vintage, herringbone 
suiting. ZUTmanon is a new design similar to the ZUTamelie but with a much 
deeper crown that gives it more of a 1920s silhouette. Despite the 20s 
reference, the ZUTmanon is an updated, pared down, minimal cloche that can
 be dressed up for a wedding (try it with a fresh flower or favourite 
brooch pinned to the side) or down with jeans or a narrow long coat for 
shopping or commuting. Also suitable for gardening and walking. A really 
easy to wear serviceable cloche made of the highest quality fabrics and 
carefully finished with top stitching for a perfect shape.

20s inspired denim bucket hat by ZUTusine


Mathilde denim front**20s inspired denim bucket hat from France by Charlie Arnold of ZUTusine

Designer denim sun cloche in the 20s inspired ZUTmathilde style. 
This cloche has a deep crown and narrow brim making it a suitable for both
long and short hairstyles. The front extends slightly outwards to shade 
glasses and the brim tapers to almost non-existant at the back. This is a 
minimal, practical and elegant hat suitable for beach and casual wear. 
Available in 3 sizes.